A classic brown hen based on the popular Rhode Island Red and producing a standard brown egg. A lovely calm bird and a very good layer (should lay 300+ eggs in her first year).

Price: £15.00 each               Availability: Available

We rear a variety of hybrid birds that originate from Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire, Sussex and Leghorn lines, all of which have been carefully chosen for their temperament and their egg-laying abilities.

All of our chickens reared here on the farm have access to outside pasture from an early age. This free-range rearing system ensures that we produce happy, sturdy, healthy hens to sell to you.

Our chickens are available, fully vaccinated, at point of lay (around 16 weeks old) and should start to lay at around 20 weeks of age.

A beautiful black hen, often with golden feathers around the neck, the result of crossing a Rhode Island Red father with a Barred Plymouth Rock mother. A very hardy bird (average 290 brown eggs per year).

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

Another black hen, this time from crossing a Barred Plymouth Rock with a Light Sussex, which gives her those distinctive white feathers (average 260 eggs per year). Quite a heavy bird with a very thick plumage.

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

A striking white hen, with black markings around the neck, a cross between a Light Sussex pure breed and a Rhode Island Red. This chicken is a good dual-purpose bird that will lay around 260 eggs a year.

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

A popular hen because of her attractive colouring and placid nature, she is a cross between Barred Plymouth Rock, or Marans Coucou, and Rhode Island Red parental lines. She can lay around 270 eggs a year.

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

A very pretty and unusual coloured hen, light grey with a darker head, making it a popular choice. One of the heavier breeds, this chicken is similar to the old Andalusian native breed and is a cross of Rhode Island Red and Coucou Maran types (she will lay you around 250 eggs a year).

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

A beautiful cream-coloured hen, sometimes with a spattering of brown feathers across her back, the result of crossing a Rhode Island White father with a Rhode Island Red mother. This chicken is a great choice for families with young children because of her wonderfully calm and docile nature (will lay around 300 eggs in her first year).

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

A slight white bird that stands tall and that has an impressive fan tail. This hen is a champion egg-layer laying around 320 pure white eggs a year.

Price: £15.00 each                      Availability: Available

Please remember to phone ahead to check availability. (We rear a new batch of hens from day-old chicks each month, and so aim to always have birds in stock from February to October; however, we may occasionally sell out, so please do check first.)

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A pretty peach-coloured, crested hen that lays eggs with a rich turquoise/olive green-coloured shell. This true commercial hybrid is a hardy and robust bird that performs best in a free-range environment (around 90% of these hens will lay a coloured egg, with an average of 275 eggs in 52 weeks).

Price: £20 each                        Availability: Currently unavailable